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What we do

What we do at Africa Knowledge Tree can be split into three many areas; information, support and training. 

Below you can find out what we provide in each of these areas. 


Mental Health Information 

We develop fact sheets on many different topics linked to mental health. These include; mental health conditions, wellbeing at work and at school. 

We also have information available for parents and professionals who are living or working with young people. 

All of our mental health information is developed from reliable and recognised sources such as The World Health Organization. Although we might use Western sources or studies, all of our work is specifically designed with a young African in mind, we talk about issues that are common for young African people and offer solutions that are practical and achievable.  


Finding Support 

Mental Health support across Africa is in extremely short supply. Around 75% of Africans who have a mental illness do not have access to the right psychiatric support. 

We plan on developing a directory of both government and voluntary funded services across Africa that can offer help, support and when needed treat mental illness. 

You can help us build this directory by getting in touch and letting us know what local service you have by emailing us through -


Wellbeing Training 

‘Knowledge is like a garden. If it is not cultivated, it can not be harvested’

If we are to gain a better understanding of mental health, we have to plant the seeds of knowledge. 

Africa Knowledge Tree offers training for the individual, for professionals working with young people and for professional or teachers to use in schools, colleges and universities.